What is appSAY?

appSAY is built to radically transform business communication. Businesses can now engage with customers without the hassles and drawbacks of traditional messaging. For the end users, appSAY presents a unique and non-intrusive way of reaching out to businesses for information, service and support.

For Businesses

For Users

For Both


Game Changing Features

Traditional business tools such as emails and SMS come with significant limitations. On the other hand social messaging is not suitable for business communication. appSAY overcomes these limitations and offers a whole gamut of features required to reach out and engage with customers effectively. appSAY is a messaging platform available as a business side web portal, business side app and end-user side app.

Web Portal Features

Bulk Messaging

Send bulk messages with convenient list views and filters.

Multiple formats

Supports rich text, images, multimedia and other attachments.


Get MIS data for all your business messages and campaigns. Also run custom survey or data collection forms.

Easy payment Reconciliation

Now receiving payments and keeping track is easy.

Integrate with CRM

Powerful APIs help you easily interface with your existing CRMs.

Targeted promotions

Send information and promotions to only those who are really interested. Improve your image as a brand.


Business side App Features

Multi-user chat support

Enhance your customer support through simple multi-user messaging solutions. Chat support can be live or offline.

Messaging history

Stored messages and attachments of all users for easy reference. Support is end-user specific so representatives can refer past communications readily. Saves time and energy at both ends and hastens resolution.

End User app Features

  • Identity protection

    Use appSAY to engage with new companies without revealing contact information. Avoid pesky telemarketers....

  • Take Control

    With permission-based connections appSAY provides greater control of your business communication. Get full control over...

  • Interest based messages

    Get only what you have subscribed for and nothing more....

  • Archive messages

    All your messages and attachments are always there. You can access all historical messages even...

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